Hi people of the world ! 

We live in the world full of surprise! and we don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Depth in Flavours is about how deep and complex our life in every season. ” Flavours ” is a word that usually we used to describe how the food we are eating tastes like, but I want to take this world into more than just about food!

My name is Vritz and currently I’m living in Sydney! I work as a chef for 3 years now and in this website I want to share about my career journey! About food in the restaurant or cafe around the world!

Since I came to Australia I learned a lot of things that help me mature and become a better person in every single day, and I want to share that too to help and inspire people that might be in the same situation as I was before! I’m still new in this website and I might not have full time but I will always try my best!