Happy new year guys!!

Hope 2019 have been doing really good for you all!!

For me I’m grateful for everything that have been done in 2019. I learnt a lot of things; happiness, sadness, stress, blessed, etc.

But most all I’m grateful that I’m still alive!! 🤪

Honestly, my 2020 diary is still empty.

I don’t know what to do…

I mean I know what I have to do, but for now I just don’t know…

There’re a lot of things that I was reminded in the end of the year… and 2020 I know I’m ready for it, just I want to take it slow… and make sure every step is valuable…

In 2020, for me I want to fix my character the most…

To be more humble…

To not overconfident… and overestimate myself….

And more importantly is to be wiser when speaking and doing something…

I want to be better….


And I believe 2020 will be amazing, and I know Jesus has a lot of amazing plan for me and my family, and all of the people that I love…

Another important thing that I want to stop is to always be worried, insecured, and imagined a lot of bad stuff that I know will never happen, be confident in this area is actually really important and to be able to do that I have to learn and learn how to love myself…and of course love Him, as Jesus loves us unconditionally.

But how?

How to do it?

Well maybe the way is to admit everything, and don’t run from it… especially pretend like everything is ok… solve everything in the past… and after admit it, forgive, put away, and of course ask Him in the heaven, Jesus to help me…

I don’t know 2020, what will it be….

But I know one thing it will be amazing, and I will reach my goal ✌

Especially because Jesus has sent peoples in my life to help me in every aspect of my life… for that reason I know I’m ready and not afraid….

No time to wave and look back… it’s time to keep moving forward and reach those goal posts….

Well guys, don’t be aftaid, if you are not sure about everything right now I want you to make sure not to be afraid… and keep on step and step… and believe…

Well let’s hope 2020 will be amazing and may God bless you all guys 😇😇😇

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