I think every creature in this world know love..

But what kind of love do they know ?

Is it just some kind love that will never fight for any hardship or the love that will stay even when it’s hard?

One of the best feature about love that God teaches me through the bible is LOVE is UNDERSTANDING…

It sounds simple and easy, but it’s not..

To always understand, and being calm in every situation..

To always just think bout other people than ourself…

But I believe that is what God teaches to us and want us to be able to do it…

As a human that is not perfect, there is what we called ego in our heart, it’s about doing whatever we want and be whoever we want.

And when we are facing some problem, we will always think about ourself first.

Recently I think I’ve let my ego loose for a bit and I almost forget about how important it is to always be calm and understand other people feelings.

But luckily I have someone who will remind me to not lose myself for a very long time.

I used to think and I do still believe that when we always look for other people and understand them, the same things will go back to us, it will make other people happy but we will also be happy. However, I know sometimes things will just not going as smooth as how it sounds.

Life will always hard and we have to always hold on to what we believe and keep on moving forward, and realizing that we are one of millions puny creature that are not that special yet we are also special for God and for the one we loves.

Always gratefull to have people that we loved and people that love us as who we are. That’s why for the sake of all of those love that we share we the one we love.

Put down all of the ego…

And try to understand from their point of view…

It doesn’t mean bad if we change for them, because at the end of the day we change to become a better person and make someone happy….

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