I was wondering how it was gonna be?


I’m so greatful and blessed…

Words can’t really describe how I trully love meeting all of you..

Well probably that’s how my heart feels..

Being an introvert probably is one of the hardest thing in the world…

Everytime I met new people I can’t open or even express myself up…

I’m not good with words…

But still I don’t want to let people down..

I will always say yes…

And I will always do my best to help…

But still what if we never met?

I wonder if it will be less colourful than now?

Yeah… probably it will be..

I think every people has their own colour in this world that fill and fit with other people like a rainbow in this world…


I’m a GREEN!!

😜 I just love green colour 😜

Well a real rainbow that we see everyday only have 7 colour..

So I’m wondering too what if rainbow has an infinite colour?

Will you call it aurora? Like the one in the netherland?

Well I think I know what we will call it..


But still i was wondering.. what if I lose one of those colour?

Like a sky without a blue?

Well if that’s the case I don’t want to lose it because I love every colour and I want everyone stay..

Because it is just hard to find only one new friend…. that can kindly understand someone like me 😁

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