I never thought I will work as a chef…

It just happened..

My parents are kind of old school, I remembered my dad always told me ” Everytime I want to learn some new things, no matter what I have to go to school and learn from basic”

Well I went to cookery school from February 2018, It was started with just a simple food safety class, first aid, WHS ( Work Health Safety ). Although when I started my cookery course I already had 2 years of experience in the kitchen, there will always be something new that we can learn.

One of the most terrifying subject that I learn is Food Safety!

Well just another new knowledge, however it is something that I never knew before!

Back in country I never knew we must not leave our food on room temperature for a really long time! I never knew all this time when my stomach was upset, I was food poisoned!

That’s why I felt so blessed that I have opportunity to take cookery course, and learn everything from the basic. Sometimes all of that small things, and small details that we never knew is the most important thing.

I would like to consider myself as a lucky person as well, because I got a got mentor, and teacher from school. I can improve my skill and keep on learning, experimenting. On my last kitchen class it was a pop-up restaurant which we as a student will have to cook for the customer that come to our school to eat.

My 1st dish that I personally choose is a Baramundi which is a main course. I work together with my friend as a team to make and cook the dish, it was fun! Probably the best partner I have ever had during my kitchen class at school. I still remember we had a lot of preparation to do, however probably because we know that we can make it in time and I also trusted her so we were the most relax team in the class.


The thought of wanting to keep learning things was actually just keep coming inside by head almost every day now. I just want to do things differently than before better than before, and because I know that I still have a long way to go.

I can’t stop now!

This is the beginning, and I want to keep looking forward.

Another 6 more months to go until I finish all my course, although there will be no kitchen class anymore. After I finish course, and finally I can focus on working professionally as a chef. Until one day I’ll have my own place to create my own dish.

Until that day come, I will not stop on learning.

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