Today I just remember how I start my job in the kitchen around 3.5 years ago. It was a pizzeria, an Italian restaurant. I never worked in the kitchen before, I don’t have knife skill, I had no knowledge at all. Well, I started as a kitchen hand same like all other people, It was a really busy restaurant and I was terrified!!

That night there was another new worker who join into the restaurant, however he already had enough experience. I still remember it’s my 1st time to see cool room too, the second night I was alone, eventually me and my head chef finished late and we missed our last bus to go home.

That night I remembered every single words my head chef told me on that day! I felt really bad, embarassed and disappointed to myself. The next day I texted my head chef and said ” Sorry chef, I don’t think I can continue on working because I don’t think I can reach to your expectation that fast”

I quit that day….

But.. I didn’t stop…

I was looking for what I have to do in order to improve…

Found the solution!

And try again!



But I think I was lucky! I met my best buddy in the next work place! He is much younger than me however he had more experience, hard worker, more mature than I was that time. Slowly, I learn everything I needed to learn, after one month I bought my 1st ever chef knife.

Many people said knife is the soul of a chef, and It’s TRUE!

After I bought that knife, I felt in love even more with this job. I learnt everything in a really fast pace, I just want to absorb every single thing and learn everything.

I’m pretty sure every single chef that loves this job, they love the INTENSITY of busy service! It’s just addicted! You can’t get enough of it and it is too fun!

However when you do what you love, it doesn’t mean you love what you do…

I would like to say, it depends on the condition of your workplace.

Yes! I work as a chef, I do what I love however when the workplace environment is too stressful to you, you will not love what you do anymore.

Both of them are really important!

So keep on trying…

Keep on doing what you love…

And find the place where you can love what you do….

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