In every race, the 1st person who finish the race is the winner…

There is a story about an Australian former short track speed skater named
Steven John Bradbury.

I’ve watched the video about the race, and maybe a lot of people will say he was just LUCKY.

However, I would like to say he was a great racer. No matter what happened, he never stop and give up the race until the very last lap. In the end, he did not just finish the race, but also win the race.

From his story I think we not only learn not to give up, but also how we have to keep on fighting and focus while we are far a head of other people.

I’ve been working as a chef for more than 3 years now, and I definitely know how far have I gone right now. However, I always told myself “The Journey is still far, don’t lose focus, keep on learning, keep on moving forward, don’t stop, and DON’T SATISFIED!

I think all of those think is A CHOICE!

There were a lot of condition in the past where I choosed to satisfy on my situation, then I stopped growing.

The most dangerous thing is human makes those choices without thinking.

When we talk about finish line, I think it’s not only about the race of our life, but also about relationship with other people. How we value the relationship we have with our friend. Especially for people who like to travel around the world, making new friends along the way is a natural thing to do, however saying goodbye while maintaining the relationship I think is what really important.

I never think of my friends as a replaceable position, each of them are unique and I always want to hold them dear.

Right now I’m still fighting for my dream, to reach my dream, there will be a lot of obstacle, I can’t even guarantee that I will finish it in a good shape…

But… I will keep going…

Keep on doing what I think is right…

Because Life is A LOT!

It’s about how You finish it right!

It’s about how to become a better human..

And it’s about being grateful for what you already have..

And sorry for what you have done wrong…

There is still a lot… but you know what it is~~

So let’s finish every race well…

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