I used to not understand why there are a lot of people work so hard and then one day just quit and left everything to go around the world!

But now I thought I might understand why….

My country is a really big country, but after I came to Sydney I felt like the world is so big that there’s still a lot of place, a lot of things that I don’t know!

I want to explore, I want to see, I want to just go and travel around the world..

I met a lot of friends from different country, and so many different culture; Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Colombia, US, Taiwanese, Thai, Itali, Australia, and there are still more out there!

I might have found the answer to get to my goal, and work my dream job as well.

How about ” Being a CHEF and go around the world! “

Sounds too good! But I will try to achieve it!

Because DREAMS are supposed to be BIG!

Yesterday was a really great day! I mean I was not a goodbye person, I hate to say goodbye to my friends but nowadays I realize that having a lot of friends around the world and thinking of meeting them again one day in the future time just something that will help me to achieve my goal. It was a farewell party with my co-worker because she will go back to Japan in couple days, but it’s just too fun.

New co-worker maybe will join soon and I might meet another new people in the future, but it will never enough. The world is too big that there are still a lot of amazing people for us to be met!

Everytime you meet new people, go to new place, always hope the best for them. And for my friends around the world I will always wish they live the best of their life wherever they are…

Well this is my Dream, how bout yours?

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