The world has a lot of different races, tradition, and background.

In my hometown it’s really rare for us to see different races, and basically everyone have similar lifestyle.

When I arrive in Sydney and start to work, I remembered how different it is to work with other people from another country. I couldn’t understand totally what they want to say, and it makes everythings became so hard. The Head Chef was yelling at me every moment because I don’t understand what he wanted.

After 2 years and gained a lot of experience, even still long way to go, I believe that I have became a better worker than before. However when I became a senior in the working place I think I start to do the same thing with my precious head chef.

I couldn’t control my temper….

As a chef, I always tried to do everything as fast as possible, with the best way, and the best result.

When new staff came in, especially people who has experience I tend to expect them to work as fast as I am.

Until one day I work with a new worker, very smart worker, hard worker.

I remembered I don’t even need to explain things so many times and it was very easy to teach him. Sometimes, I still can complain about my work but I remembered he never complained even once.

One day he said that he will go back to his country, we start to find new worker and train. However, it’s really hard to train new worker.

Then I realized…

Why I always complained about him before…

Why I always expected him more than he is…

Why I always thought that he do everthing slowly because he is lazy..

Because maybe that is his best effort…

Maybe he has worked his hardest..

Maybe that is his fastest speed..

You see people tend to judge others, especially when they are a lot better than others.

People always judge by what they saw, but sometimes we really have to try understand, and just think about how to fix ourself. We will never know what happened in the past and other people will never tell us as well.

In the work industry there are a lot of things that we doesn’t know, rules, policies, and etc. Also there are a lot of people better than us.

Nowadays I only try to be better and better, I also learned to not complain about stuff and try to fix it. If other people complain about the things, and we also complain the same thing without even try to do anything what is the different between us and them?

When other people stop we have to move..

When they complain about it, we have to do it and fix it..

How many of us go to restaurant and complain about the service just because the waiters too slow ?

They got pressure from their manager to work better even after they give their all, and customer still complaining about how not competent they are, and maybe because of that we have ruined their opportunity to become better.

Nowadays I really feel, I have to always look at myself and try to fix all of those bad things, instead of judging people. We will never become better by complaining or even judge other people, but try to understand them, listen to them and show them the right way.

I understand that people have different kind of thinking, or habit, but by understand other people and always do more effort than others will make us better than anyone.

So let’s try to understand, don’t judge..

Most importantly, always smile and say “Thank You” for all of the effort that others have done for you..

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