Hey Guys!

I haven’t been really active lately, I really tried to write what I want everyday but I feels every single word that I typed was so gloomy and sad.

Nothing really happened, maybe just a bad week for me.

I always remember what my friend told me

“It’s a bad day, not a bad life”

I have been trying to keep up on everything I want to do until now, even I didn’t feel like to do it.

Maybe I just afraid to go back to my old lifestyle.

I tried to remember why I decide to change, what is the reason I start.

I re-read my 2019 journal and all of the goals that I have set up this year. It was a huge decision for me and I want to keep on doing all of those things!

And I remember why I decide to change and become better.

I think as a human being we always forget all of those important things to us when it really matters. As an Introvert, I also always shut my brain down when I’m in my most broken day.

But guys we have to REMEMBER!

The reason why I start workout again, the reason why I start blogging, the reason why I want to become better, and for who are in relationship remember why you guys felt in love.

I’m not really good at this, but I do know that as Introvert I’m really good at remembering every single detail of the person I like and care about, eventhough sometimes it sounds creepy but It is just something that Introvert really good at :p

However, when we have a broken heart we always just run away with all of the things that we have remembered. As in life, there will always up and down, we also will not always remember good things in life but that makes us human.

As we are living in the current time, remembered about the past doesn’t mean we are living in the past, but remembered about the past and realize because what happened before makes who I am today.


  1. I like to read your blog.
    I am happy when I know that you have made a new article, I hope you keep up the spirit. Keep walking with God every day.


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