We live our life every single day, every single moment that we created will become a memory for us till we get old.

I believe each of us have created a lot of memories since we were born.

We have choice what kind of memory we want to keep, as I grew up from a kid, teenager, and adult, I realized that what we do today will affect us in the future. I think every single religion, or even non religion people believe that what we do will back to us one day.

Well at least for me, I always believe that kindness is the best thing I can do as a human being. When I do something for other people, it’s just genuinely because I want to help them.

I think being kind is about ” How to Give without thinking of Recieving “

If you do something for someone to expect something back from that person, it’s not being kind but just to take advantage. Although when someone is doing something for you, you have to pay them back in other way next time when you have chance.

I still remember how I encountered a middle age guy during my way to my home 2 years ago. He asked me some money to buy ticket to go back to his home because he losed his wallet. I opened my wallet and there is 10$ inside, and I gave him all. You know what?, one month later I won 1000$ from some random competition that I don’t even know I joined it from Super Annuation Australia.

I mean everyone will say ” I’m just lucky “

However, I always believes it is because those little thing that I do for other people without thinking of getting anything back make all of those amazing thing happened to me.

Recently, I actually felt a little bit down, and disappointed. Although I never asked for anything back for anyone I helped, but I feel like someone are thinking that I’m doing all of those kindness to get something from them. So they just started to reject me and intentionally step on me and disrespect me in a lot of different ways.

Kind people are not stupid, although kind and stupid just between a single line. However, It just too sad to think about how people treat you like that.

But at the end of the day, I think I can’t hate them, or angry about those thing. Life is too short to store those bad memories, sometimes it might be us. I always tried to not judge people so quickly, every person in this world have different background, tradition, capability, talent and it is just different.

So what I always do is always looked at myself, and fix myself to become a better person, giving chance to anyone and always  be greatful for whatever it is.

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