Sydney is a city where we can find diversity being promoted everyday, everywhere. There’re a lot of different culture and people, different cuisine restauran, and food.

As a chef I love to learn any kind of cuisine in any chance I can get. One of my favourite food and culture is from Japan.

Tachinomi YP is a mini Japanese bar near my workplace, and I like to go there with my co-worker after a really tiring working day, the owner of Tachinomi YP also has another restaurant called Yurripi Yakitori, which just next to Kashiwa Yakiniku.

Tachinomi YP is a mini Japanese Bar that sell Japanese style alchohol drinks. Well this place also a cash only place, so make sure bring some cash :p

Tachinomi YP only open till 12 AM, and usually I will go there with my co worker only for 1 glass beer after a whole tiring day of working. We also usually play some tradional Japanese toy called Kendama, or also some other mini game that they have.

The highlight of this place I would like to say the midnight snack which will pair perfectly with beer. One of it is well we called it ” Cup Noodle ” but Japanese people called it Yakisoba! This Yakisoba brand is UFO!

U – Umai ( DELICIOUS! )
F – Futoi ( THICK! )
O – Oisi!!!!! ( DELICIOUSSSS! ) 😀


And my favourite is Vinegar Mackerel ( Curing with vinegar ) and soy sauce!

I love this Mackerel! It is just THE BEST midnight snack that will just fit into your mouth and blend with the beer taste! It’s amazing because how simple of making this dish! That simpleness in Japanese cuisine, but the vinegar really just boost the taste of the mackerel!

FUN PLACE TO CHILL! with FUN PEOPLE ( your friend ) and BEER!

It’s just complete your tiring day become a great day!

Please check Tachinomi YP facebook link !

I believe you guys will love this place as well, taste the midnight snack at japanese bar and just enjoy drinking with your friend!

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