Workplace is one of the place where we spend almost half of our day. It’s our resource to get money to increase our life quality. It’s also where we meet most of our friend which is our co worker. Some people might also find their partner in life :p

I’ve been working in so many different workplace since I graduated high school, I work as a bank marketing, insurance sales, work safety officer, human resource, and finally I work as a chef. Sounds crazy but I’ve been dreaming of become a chef since I was young.

I think from all of the job I’ve been before Chef is the hardest job. However, it’s also the most fun job I’ve ever been. It changed the way I live, the I think, the way i act and move, it just basically change everything, and I just love to be a chef.

However no matter how you love your profession, there will always be obstacle and problem that make you felt so messed up, and down.

As much as I love this job, I’ve felt a lot of different situation in this job!

There are 3 important things that I’ve always used to consider wether I’m going to stay in a workplace or not.

  • Learning New Things ( Job Experience )
    This is my 1st priority everytime I start working in the new workplace. Until now my working experience is only around 3 years and it is still far away from being a good chef. I want to learn more, know more, and become better at everything and any kind of cuisine. In the workplace there are no better section, each section is important and this is including washdisher section, without a clean plate we will not be able to deliver our food to customer. Every section is important and every section always have new things to be learnt.
  • Environment
    As much as I want to have more experience and knowledge in working, I also want to have good co worker. However, instead of finding a good co worker I always try to be a better human being every single day so when I meet my co worker I can help them, and be a good co worker for them. But it doesn’t always work like that, sometimes no matter how kind or good you are, there are always someone being arrogant and just looking for trouble with you.
  • Money
    Money is the 3rd priority for me, if I can’t learn any more new things, and my environment is just the worst I’ve ever been, then I’ll start to look at how much money I will earn in this place. Is it worth it ? or not ?
    However, even if it is worth it, I might possibly hang on only for another 2 months. I always think we can get money anywhere at any workplace, money is money. However, we couldn’t find workplace with a really healthy environment. It is really hard. 

Nowadays the workplace I work in is the best place I’ve ever worked, but it might change soon.

A lot of co worker will finish soon and go back to their own country, and some people also thinking to find another job. Well everyone hate changes but depends on how you react on it, I hate changes but I know have to embrace it and always be myself. Sydney is a wonderfull city however people all over the world come and go, we can find a lot of new friend from around the world but also it might be a really quick goodbye.

Always appreciate those moment when you find the right place and the right people. 😀

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