The earth today is different than the earth 1 year ago…

The cloud we see today is totally different with the cloud tomorrow…

Even our age is different every single day, it change…

I used to hate changes, I don’t want to change. I loved how thing is going on around me. My best friend, family, co-worker, I want everyone remained the same.

However, everythings in this world will always change.

Even people changed, including myself!

And for this changes there is only one solution, it is to embrace it!

Yup.. As simple as that!

What kind of changes that we need to embrace ? I think all kind of changes, wether it is bad changes, good changes, etc. We have to embrace all of it and realize as a human that live in this earth, we need changes.

Once we embrace those changes, we will know what to do next, where we have to go, or even what we have to start! Eventhough it still not easy~~

Then I also realized during those changes, it is for myself, not for anyone.

Those changes that we do for ourself, to become a better person, to learn new things, to stop any unnecessary things, and to chase those dreams that waiting for us in the future.

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