Today I want to share about a little gem in the middle of Sydney!

Located at Alberta St and my favourite Matcha Cafe!

Cre Asion Cafe ! I’m a matcha lover even my favourite color is GREEN! HAHA

Instead of my busy time working everyday, I will always go to this cafe for at least once in two weeks! Cre Asion basically open every day from 8am-4pm but unfortunately they close on Sunday.

This cafe located in the middle of City and you can come to this place easily! However because of the size of the shop I think it’s quite hard to see this place. 

I remembered the 1st time I came to this place!

I walk slowly when I enter the shop because it might be the wrong place! Haha. 

Green Tea Latte

My favourite ever is Green Tea Latte with one coffee / expresso shot!

I love matcha but I’m a coffee addicted as well!

It sounds crazy but believe me if you guys love matcha and coffee.. TRY IT !

Green Tea Muffin

For the food! There is none other than Green Tea Muffin!

Crispy on the top of the muffin! every bite is just so fluffy and of course like how Japanese Green Tea has always been pair with the perfect combination of Red Bean and Cream Cheese inside the muffin!

Will make your day perfect!

Green Tea Tart

For someone who is a hardcore lover of matcha, green tea tart is the perfect one for you! It’s basically just a whole bite of matcha in your mouth and you will finish it before even you realize it!

Green Tea Fondant

The Best combination of Green Tea, Milk, and Chocolate! and of course Green Tea Ice Cream! Personally it’s too sweet for me however for you guys who loves sweet like chocolate and ice cream! In this middle of Summer season this will cool you down!

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