I couldn’t think how important language is until I moved to Sydney…

In my city back in my country we rarely saw any tourists around, even there were tourists mostly they would speak english. But then I moved to Sydney and I realized.

Probably every couple meter I walked on the street everyday I can hear almost up to 4 different language around me; Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, English, etc.

Soon after one year, and moved to another workplace I met Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Bangladesh, Nepal, Italian, Thailand, Philipine co-worker! There was a time where I work with more than 80% Korean co-worker. Everytime we had a break time and they started to speak in Korean, i couldn’t understand at all!

Around 6 months ago I also moved to another workplace which 90% of the worker there is Japanese!

I realized that I should have study language more when I was younger!

There are no limits in this world, we can go anywhere we want, talk with anyone we want, and people around the world will treat you better if they know you can speak their language!

Nowadays, I think I speak 3 fluent language; Indonesian, Hokkien, English.

However I can read Korean words, and currently I’m studying Japanese too, I can write and read Hiragana and Katakana! I mean It’s been really fun lately to learn different kind of language!

World is just too big to be discovered, but just by learning some part of it makes our lives has more purpose! I still remembered how I can spend almost 12 hours in front of my laptop to play games. What happened if I used all of that time to learn other language ?

When I moved to Sydney I started my career journey as a chef, and I learned a lot of different cuisine. With this ability to cook I always thinking to travel around the world! And that’s also the reason studying different language become more fun and excited than before!

So I think if It’s possible learn as much language as you can! No need teacher! No need pay! Youtube! language learning app from phone! Everything can help us to learn nowadays! Start from nothing until it becomes something!

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