LOVE is a magical word~~

It has so many different meaning. How we love our parents, our brother, our sister, friends, teacher, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and so on~~

Still people call it LOVE

When we love our family we will always take care of them, and they will also do the same, especially our parents. 

I remembered how I hurted my leg from an motorbike accident, but my mom knew it. I can’t even count how many times I tried to hide things from my Dad because I didn’t want him to worry.

But.. He knew it..

More classic is when we felt in love with our crush~~ 😀

Everyone knew how it felt right ?

Our eyes just shine brightly when we saw them, our heart just keep on beating faster everytime, suddenly it felt so hot, and it’s good!

I think LOVE is GOOD!

However today, I want to talk about love for stranger..

Or love for anyone…

Sometimes I thought sharing love to anyone is as simple as being kind to everyone, even with stranger. Sometimes a simple smile can make someone’s day even brighter isn’t it ?

But also being kind without thinking without hoping you will get anything from the person. I think that is genuine Love.

In this world there are a lot of religion…

And I believe every religion teach about LOVE just in different way.

However, it doesn’t mean people with no religion don’t know about love.

I think they know more about love, sometimes they are even kinder than anyone we know.

There is an artist from Indonesia named Agnes Monica, and one day she posted on her instagram about LOVE.

About how to being good in love, and being good in falling in love! Both are needed in our life. However, for me I really want to learn how to be good in love…

Because being good in love means we will always be kind, be a better person, be loyal, and the most important thing we know how to love ourself.


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