Yup today I want to share about the only udon shop in Sydney that make their own udon from scratch in the shop. It’s MARUKAME UDON! This shop is actually a franchise shop which came from Japan and there are over 1000 shop around the world now.

However today there is only ONE Shop in Sydney and it is in Chatswood!

The Udon itself made from scratch flour mix with water, pressing, and  finally cut and boil into hot water. The process itself is being done in the shop.

For the operation time of Marukame Udon is :

Mon – Wed      : 11.30 am – 8.00 pm
Thurs – Fri      : 11.30 am – 8.30 pm
Sat                    : 11.00 am – 8.30 pm
Sun                   : 11.00 am – 8.00 pm


For the menu itself there are a lot of choices that customer can choose, but of course mostly of the food will be udon, however for people that want to eat rice you guys can get it here too!


Firstly, I want to explain about Kamaage!

So for you guys that only want to taste those fresh udon this is the best on the menu I can recommend to you guys! Kamaage comes with 4 sizes which is medium, large, xlarge, and MEGA!

YES! MEGA ! basically it is a sharing portion because I can’t finish it myself.

When customer order Kamaage they will be given fresh udon straight from the boiler and dipping sauce in the bowl will be use to give flavour.

No 11 Beef and Egg

Guys, for me this is my most favourite udon in marukame!

It is Udon with wagyu beef and poached egg with cold soup!

Well nowadays is summer in Sydney and cold noddle will be the best option if you want to enjoy udon! It actually sounds like cold soba however this is udon. I love to add a lot of shallots, sesame seed, and sichimi powder for a bit spicy flavour!

Slurp!!!! Those best feelings ever! And guys Marukame Udon is a place that only serves you the best with long size noddle! So make sure to make those SLURP!sound :p

No 13

Hey guys! Good news for you guys that loves to eat ramen with tonkotsu here it is Udon with tonkotsu soup!

Those umami from the soup and the pork will definitely satisfy your appetite!

Next is curry beef udon and some topping and sweets that we can find in marukame!

Japanese curry is one of the best curry in the world that you guys can eat! In marukame they serve curry with udon or rice, with calamari, pork katsu, or wagyu beef! So guys for you who loves curry don’t worry! Marukame udon also offer you CURRY UDON!

For side food itself there are a lot of choices, fried chicken, calamari ring, pork katsu, fish cake, sushi roll, vege croquette, prown tempura, etc!

There are one more things guys! Sashimi or aburi! There are rice with salmon sashimi or aburi salmon! So yeah basically this place just offer you almost everything you want in one place!

Honestly, I never really like udon in my life because almost all udon in Sydney is an instant frozen udon and the taste is not my favourite! However because this is fresh udon I just feel want to eat more everytime I eat in marukame!

If you guys want to know more about this place make sure to check it here!

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