” Why you don’t listen ? “

That is the word that change my life 180°

I started working as chef 3 years ago, and never I ever worked in the kitchen before.

I came as someone with a lot of experience to work in the office;

I know how to be a good worker,

I know how to speak with the boss,

I know how to make my co-worker like me,


All of that I know stuff, honestly just make me become someone too full of myself. Until one day I meet a guy who is much younger than me but has 3 years experience in the kitchen, he taught me how to cut vegetable, he teach me how to clean, he teach me how to work harder, he teach me how to live my life, and he teach me how to listen. He was and is my best friend I’ve ever met which change me with ” Why don’t you listen ? “

One day he asked me ” Why I dont listen ?”

Because if I listened ;

  • I will become better
  • If I become better my boss will like me
  • if my boss like me my wages will be increased in the future (promotion)
  • I get more skill from other people
  • etc etc etc ( I get all of the best things if I just listen )

So, what will my friend get ?


I did answer ” nothing ” to him, when he asked me what will he get if I listen and change to become a better person.

There might be a lot of people in this world that has the exact same things going on in their life.

And sometimes the answer is just  ” Listen ! “

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