It was a flashback, when I was a kid…

When I was a kid, I learn how to do so many things but also there are so many things that I just CAN’T do it.

I always said ” I CAN’T eat that it’s too spicy!”

20 years later, I found myself eating a lot of spicy food!

Why ?

I couldn’t find any answer before, until one day I realised it’s not that I CAN’T eat it but I DON’T WANT to eat spicy food.

As a human being I believe that nobody want to be hurted or feel any pain. I realized when I was kid, I just DON’T WANT to feel any pain from eating those spicy food.

When the 1st time I go to workout, I remembered how I couldn’t move a single part of my body because it is too painful! by the next day I just never want to go back to workout!

Why ?

Because I DON’T WANT to feel those pain!

So what is this about WANT IT  OR DON’T, CAN DO IT OR CAN’T?

There  are NO  CAN DO IT OR CAN’T! ” but there are only ” YOU WANT IT OR YOU DON’T! “

When people are thirsty, they can’t say I CAN drink! but instead I WANT TO drink! and that is the most simple thing I can think of.

So how about LIFE itself ?

When 1st time I came to Sydney I was a 100kg fat guy that only know how to play games, eat, and sleep. There were NO motivation at all to achieve anything in my life. However, I met a lot of amazing people and friends and different kind of people, culture, tradition! That day I felt like ” This WORLD is BIG! ” I want to go to more place and meet more people, learn more of new things, culture, and see more of those things I’ve never seen before.

So did I just suddenly change?

Sadly NO! Even though I feel like I WANT TO change! but deep down I was too scared to change, I DON’T WANT to change!

1 year passed and too many things happened and when new season of life came in, I decided I really WANT IT!

I changed since then every single year I change every single things that I need to stop doing it, and just do what I need to do because I WANT IT!

The 1st step is to realize YOU WANT TO BECOME BETTER OR NOT ?

Guys this is not about something that you want base on your ego, but this is about a life changing decision. In my case is like I have to stop playing games, focus on my work, do exercise, etc. It’s about the pain that we will feel if we change because we want to change and become a better person.

Everything that really good for us mostly will give us pain before we get the benefit. We do workout, we will feel full body pain! even when we learn how to ride a bicycle we will have to fall down to learn it.

But everything that will give us a really bad impact on ourself always feels GOOD~~ let’s not say about drug or something like that. How about let’s say sleep late in the morning ? 3 AM ? Every single person in the world that ever became a teenager know how we loved to sleep late. It’s FUN! but it’ll give a really bad impact to our health!

So guys the question is~~


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