Hey GUYS! I’m still so excited in this summer!

This time I decided to go to PALM BEACH!

It actually quite far from Central Sydney, and it takes around 2 Hours by public bus. So, if you guys planning to go to this place make sure to keep the whole day for this place!

We need to change get into 2 bus, the 1st one will be M30 with destination to Taronga Zoo but we will get down at neutral bay junction, then after that change into L90 but have to remember not to get down at the last stop because it will take you farther than the original destination but instead get down at the palm beach golf club.

Well by this time I went to palm beach around lunch time so I grabbed some lunch 1st before I continue to walk up to the lighthouse. The Boat House will be the only restaurant that exist in palm beach, however don’t worry!!!! Because they serve a wonderful food!! Make sure to check it here!!

Actually this is not the 1st time i came to palm beach, I came here around 2 years ago with my friends for fishing! We rented a small boat and one of my friend had the license so we just go to the middle of the sea and fishing!!


So for you guys that love to do some fishing make sure to visit palm beach as well!!

Palm Beach

After I finished my lunch I started to walk to the lighthouse, and on the way there. I was just amazing! I’m actually a bit regret for not bringing any water pants that day because just by seeing the colour of the water anyone will definitely jump in there and enjoy the water!

GUYS! Finally I arrive to the track where we can use for go up to the lighthouse! And there will be 2 ways one is access trail and the other one is smugglers track. I personally recommend to go by the smugglers track because it will be faster and you will see a lot of spot to get an amazing picture!

I forgot to use any and also i even forgot to took off my T-shirt! Well you guys know what happened next! HAHA!

Palm Beach Light House

AND GUYS! Even though it will be so tiring, i mean tiring is for people that not used to do some exercise it will be quite exhausted. But remember it is so worth it!

Once you guys reach up there! you guys can see both side of the palm beach, the fishing side and surfing side of palm beach. Like those instagram picture that I’ve seen before i came here of course i tried to take a cool picture as well :p!

Palm Beach Lighthouse

Of course that not the end! Because on the other side of the Hill you will find this spot where you can see THE ENDLESS GRADIENT BLUE!! of the sea.


This spot is actually the spot to watch those big whale doing long journey during May – November, so I’m literally thinking to go back there on those period to watch the migration of this whale!

It was a little bit sad, but I finally it’s time to go back down and go home!

Guys remember to check when is the last bus to go back to city as well when you guys go there! And remember about the other access trail? This is the time we go through that route.

And yes there are a lot of other beautiful spot where you guys can take super cool picture!

Overall I LOVE this place! There are more about this place that I haven’t tried yet and that also the reason why I want to come back to this place! I’m sure you guys will also fall in love with this place when you guys come here! 😀

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