It’s finally the place that I believes served the best fries I’ve ever eaten in Sydney!

The Boat House!

It is the only restaurant that exist in Palm Beach and they open during breakfast and lunch time everyday from 7 am – 4 pm.

The Boat House

The Boat House is a restaurant that served Australian Modern food with unique seafood selection, juice, and some alchohol as well. The location of  the boat house also just next to the sea and boat hiring location. 

Seaplane Flights

In here you also can hire the seaplane flights and just flew around the palm beach and enjoy the view!

Finally the foods that we ordered have came! I went there with my family and we order 4 kind of different meal that day! My brother was having a Beef Burger, I think there were beef patty, bacon, lettuce, pineapple, beetroot in the burger and of course served with chips! And my sister ordered a Grilled Baramundi with fennel, cucumber, olive, apricot salad. My mom’s is basically fish n chips with tartar sauce.

Prawn on Bucket

My food is Prawn on bucket, which is QLD tiger prawn with sourdough and homemade mayo aioli. However, from all this meal the star will be the potato fries!


The outside of the fries was so crispy yet so moisture inside! And It was just PERFECT! I actually a little bit regret that I didn’t order more of the fries because there are a lot of people queue for order the food and it will take so long to get just one potato chips.

Overall It was an amazing trip and every food taste AMAZING! I really love the concept how they arrange the restaurant and how every food just perfectly match and there are nothing too much or too less.

And at last but not least! Remember to get your table 1st before go for ordering because in this place it is really hard to get a table outside when it is busy time !

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