I want to be more Productive!

The same thing that we always think every year! at least for me…

But the problem is how to do it ? When is the right time ? Can I do it ?

We always haunted by all of those feelings, confused by that and in the end we just do nothing!

However during the past 3 years in Sydney, I gradually make a lot of improvement and changing of lifestyle. Every year become something new and I want to grab every opportunities I can get.

So I want to share to you guys, how I start my everyday to make it more Productive every single year..

  • Start doing EXERCISE

    As simple as it sound, exercise, workout, go to gym, do some sports, etc.

    This is the 1st thing I did when I decide to change my lifestyle. I mean workout is really painful, you have to pay for the gym membership, go to the gym after full day working, feel exhausted!

    There is a quote ” The pain that you feel today, is the power you feel tomorrow! ” and it’s true every Gym session for me is torturing, it’s painful to lift heavy dumbell. But workout make me more dicipline than before day by day, make me more confident. I always go to workout on midnight after I finish all my work and I always make excuse to stay at home and rest! However overtime we will learn that we have to discard those excuses that our mind created!

  • Try to minimize unnessary activities

    I’ll give one example watching youtube :D!

    Yes! this is something that almost all people do it almost everyday! I mean I still watching Youtube however nowadays I use it as a media for me to learn new languange!

    The thing that I totally give up on is GAMES! Because I loved to play games, playing games is just like a breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. However, last year I totally discard any activities about games, and decided to stop.

    I end up to have a lot of free time that I never have before! And I can see my goal even closer than before!

  • To DO LIST!

    As a chef I always write down every single prep list that I need to do for tomorrow, and I come to the point where I realized why I didn’t do it with my life?

    And I started it ! I bought a diary and start to write every single thing I have to do tomorrow and maybe for the plan for next week!

    YES! I can feel the differences! No more days where I just stay on my bed and doing nothing! I know exactly what I have to do the next day from A to Z. No matter how strong your memory is! You will not be able to always remember everything!

Last but not least always be GRATEFUL and THANKFUL for every single day that has passed! Appreciate everythings that happened on the day!

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