It was a lovely day in the middle of summer. On this day I decided to have a little trip to La Perouse with my family. La Perouse is one of the historic area in Sydney where Captain Arthur Phillip’s First Fleet initially landed in 1788 before deciding on Sydney Cove.

The trip to La perouse might take up to 45-60 mins from central depend on which public transport we take and the traffic by the time.  La Perouse is a suburb in south-eastern Sydney, NSW and located around 14 kilometres southeast of the Sydney central business district, in the City of Randwick.

Botany Bay National Park

Botany Bay National Park will be the 1st thing that you guys see once arrive in this amazing place!

And guys don’t forget to bring your swimwear, because in this place there are a lot of spot where you can relax sunbathing, or do a little bit swimming because there a lot of small beach around this area.

However, for you guys that loves to take photos!


Because this place is packed with a lot of beautiful spot for you guys to take picture!

Boat Shed

Even when you guys are hungry and need a place to relax and have a meal. There are couple cafe and restaurant around the place! The Boat Shed is basically my favourite place to chill! With the location just next to the sea you can relax in the cafe with your meal and coffee and just feel that vitamin SEA! 😀

At this place you guys also can see Bare Island Fort which connected through a bridge. For the local people they also do a lot of fishing in this area. So for you guys that LOVES to do fishing don’t forget to bring your fishing kit!

I spent more than one hour in this place explore every corner of the la perouse and find a lot of spot to take all of those amazing picture!

Believe it or not I take all of those pict only by my phone! With a great weather and natural sun light! I can get the best picture I’ve ever wanted!

Bare Island Bridge

Although it’s very hard to find a moment where there are nobody on this bridge! I’m lucky enough that that to be able to take a picture with nobody around! There are still a lot of place to go and during tide times we can even go under the bridge to take another cool picture there.

Well I never know if we can go pass through the bare island gate, because it was always locked! But still we can around the bare island fort from under the bridge. Well I decided not to go under the bridge because I actually didn’t bring any of my swimwear that day! 😀

This is exactly how it looks like under the bridge where there are a lot of unique natural hole on the stone under the bridge!

Sometimes we can also see a lot of local people doing some fishing on the bridge!

At last but not least!

On this super HOT weather! Guess WHAT!


There are couple ice cream that we can find around la perouse that sells ice cream from 4$ to 7$ and I believe this Ice Cream is a fresh homemade ice cream! I can taste and smell the fresh milk and cream from the ice cream, and it’s just melted gently in the mouth! Refresh your whole body from the summer HEAT!

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