Hi people the world! 10 days has passed in 2019, and today I was suddenly reminded by my resolution 2 years ago in 2017 when I just started my gym journey. When I came to Australia in 2016, I was 100 kg and after 1 year nothing change in my life. 2017 was when I decided ” This is The DAY! “.

So I wake up early in the morning  go to the gym, payed the membership and contract for 1 year which I can’t cancel anymore. I remembered that day I felt so satisfied and proud of myself that I’m able to decide something big that will impact my life.

Stanmore Station

So this morning I woke up and I was on my way to buy some stuff. And I found one cafe in the corner called Mrs Underwood in front of Stanmore Station in Sydney. I ordered the usual large cappucino for me and it was an amazing coffee, sit down and start to open my agenda to write what plan for today and the next day.

That time I was reminded by ” Day ONE or One DAY! “

It sounds and means exactly like what it is. Day ONE is literally the DAY when u start something new, or the day where that is the 1st time for you to change!. Then how about One DAY ? Have you guys heard about people or maybe yourself always said One DAY I will become rich, or One DAY I will learn how to play music ? and etc.

YES! One DAY is a word of expression about dreaming about something. But dream will always a dream if we never tried to achive it. Dream will stay Dream and One DAY will never change to Day ONE.

Although it sounds easily then how it works, in my opinion it is doable!

Well this is something that I have experienced before so I want to share it with you guys how I able to do it.

  • You really want it or not ?
    In my case it was how i really want to change my lifestyle, I think for couple days about my schedule and when will I be able to do the workout. Am I really be able to do it or not ? for you guys information I always do my workout around 12.00 AM to 2.00 AM. Yup it sounds crazy but it is my only free time during my daily life. I will always sleep late even if I’m not doing my workout, so instead of watching youtube, and play games, i decided to change and do something. That day I was 100% sure I want this! Because it’s is about you want it or not, not about you can or cant!
  • STOP making an EXCUSE!
    If that day I keep on making excuse and said ” 12 AM will be too late ! who’s crazy enough to workout midnight ? ” well, I’m that crazy one ! LOL! Or maybe I can say ” I’ve been working so hard, It’s ok for me to just rest and play games so I can work even harder tomorrow!” It sure doesn’t sound that bad isn’t it ? But an excuse will always be an excuse if we just feed it.
  • Just DO IT!
    In my case I want to change my life, getting fitter and become a better version of myself. I was 100% sure i want it and i stop making any excuse in my head and just go make the membership and change! Well of course it’s always sound easier than how it always happened, but it’s literally just that easy.
  • Keep DOING IT!
    Last but not least!Keep on Doint it! It’s very easy to start however to keep on doing it is the hardest part! We might find difficulty during the time we change!we might feel nothing change! we might want to give up! but keep on doing it and remember WHY you START!


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