It’s been more that 1 week in 2019, and today will be the 1st post about the food that I had discovered and learned before during my career journey. Today I will teach about how to make a creme brulee, one of the most favourite desert in Sydney!



  • Melbourne Tea 24 g
  • Egg Yolk 320 g
  • Caster Sugar 180 g
  • Salt 2 pinch
  • Pure Cream 1200 ml

Mise en Place

  • Use a medium pot and heat up 600 ml of pure cream together with all of salt, caster sugar, and the melbourne tea with medium fire. Keep on stirring all the ingredients until the sugar melt and there are brown color from the tea heat up till it is just under boiling point

*important to remember not to use high heat because pure cream will be so easy to foam up from the pot while it’s already boiling and you will not want your kitchen to be dirty.

  • After the pure cream finish set off from the fire and let all the flavour from the tea to build up for around 30 mins or it’s up to how you want your flavour and also to help it cool down a little bit. 

*important to remember that you can use any flavour you want like chocolate, green tea powder, sugar cane, or anything. But because this is a tea you will need a little bit time to let all the flavour come out. However if it is a powder or something that will totally melt and mix together you might not need to wait that long

  • Start to seperate egg yolk and try to not get the egg white as much as possible, after that just beat the egg with whisk make sure not to beat it too long just enough until it is totally broken down.
  • After 30 mins strain the melbourne tea from the pure cream and to help it totally coold down mix another 600 ml of pure cream into the hot pure cream ( if you use a powder ingredient for the flavour that can melt totally make sure that you do the straining as well and you can just cool it down straight away with the cold pure cream )
  • Pour down the pure cream into the beat egg yolk ( make sure the egg yolk has been beaten totally! ) and mix all together
  • After everything done mixture can be pour down into any shape you want ( don’t be too afraid because the mixture is too watery it’s normal )
  • Steam the Creme Brulee mixture at 80°C for 1 hour
  • After 1 hour take out from the steamer and make sure to let it cool down and put inside the fridge to let it totally chill

*important to let it totally chill because it will make you easier to cut

That’s it! Creme Brulee the last step is to put a thin layer sugar on top of it and burn with a burner to caramalized the sugar, make sure when you burn the sugar not to put the burner to close to the brulee instead just use the tip of the fire of the burner and make sure your plate is heat resistence!

After it’s done you can decorate your brulee whatever you want by using ice cream or some fruit!

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