Hi GUYS! Today I want to share about my most exciting experience I’ve ever felt since I came to Sydney. It was Sky Diving!!! YES!! Well, I’ve been planning to do it since the 1st day I arrive at Sydney 3 years ago, and my best friend was planning to go back to Indonesia so we decided let’s do it!

We decided to go to Sydney Skydivers which is located at 196 Elizabeth st and book our plan to experience sky diving in Sydney. The cost of the Sky Diving itself was around $500AUD each person because we planning to get all photos and videos, raw and edited. I was thinking that it might be the 1st and the last jump I’ll ever do in my life so it was really worth it!

On 7th August 2017, we went to Sydney Skydivers 6AM in the morning to be fetched up by the bus. Around 1.5 hours we arrived at Wollongong, and there will be a couple preparation and briefing we need to follow. Shortly, we choose ours suit size and where it, do a little bit training about how to land safely with our partner which will be on our back during the jump.

At this moment, I was so nervous and scared because just a couple minutes to go for us to do the jump. That day I was the 1st person to finish changing and training so I was the 1st person to get into the plane and that made me the last person to jump out of the plane ^^

I always remember what my friend said about the moment when you inside a flying plane with the door opened! Because I was the last person to jump, I saw every single just gone once the out of the door! when it was my turn my hand was trying to grab the side door unconsiously because it was so scary!

When I jumped of the plane it was just undescribable feelings! It was the BEST feeling and the WORST feeling mix together!However it’s unforgetable! 

I still remember how i felt so relieved once the parachute was opened, it felt like I’m safe. The whole jump probably not even more than 10 mins, however it was the longest 10 mins in my life. In that day i knew why people always said once you tried sky diving you will fall in love and do it again! And it’s true!

For the people that hasn’t tried sky diving, you guys should try this! And once you guys land back on earth I bet each one of you will make those kind of insane undescribable smile! Saying yes I’m still alive! 😀

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