So yeah I’ve been working as a chef for 3 years now. And currently I’m working in Kashiwa Yakiniku in Crows Nest. Kashiwa Yakiniku is a traditional Japanese BBQ restaurant that using charcoal to cook every single raw meat that are served to the customer. I’ve been working here since 6 months ago, and I personally really love this place!

Kashiwa Yakiniku operation time is :

Mon-Wed    : 17.00-22.00 (last order will be 21.00)

Thu-Sun       : 12.00-14.00 & 17.00-22.00 (last order will be 21.00)

There is no reservation for lunch time, however mostly customer in dinner time are booking customer, and Kashiwa is a CASH ONLY restaurant. I personally have came to this place to eat as customer for more than 10 times even though I’m working here.

Beef Rib
Beef Rib

This is Beef Rib! The most favorite meat in the store! With the marble up to 8+ and it is so tender!We marinade the beef rib with special sauce, however I do prefer to eat this meat with only salt and pepper 🙂


Another most favorite side dish in this place is Yuuke aka ” Raw Beef Meat”. Yukke is basically a raw beef meat that have been mix with special homemade sauce and egg yolk. For people that loves raw meat this is the best you can get in Kashiwa Yakiniku!


And at last but not least STEAK! It’s a cube roll steak with marble score up to 9+ and i can guarantee it will melt in your mouth :D! Overall Kashiwa Yakiniku from the meat quality and food prices, i guarantee there are no second one in Sydney. Well they might get the same quality, however the price will be way far higher than this place!

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