In 2019 I decide to do something new. I have been working as a chef for 3 years, and I love to learn any kind of food. I know how to cook a lot of different cuisine and still keep on learning everyday. Working as a chef teach me a lot of things and help me to mature.

In December 2018, I was so tired and eventually broken down. There are things that I have been fighting for so hard, however i want to give up on everything. However, I try to run away and keep myself busy, as busy as possible by working to forget about it. By keeping the time for myself and talk less I was doing a lot of thinking. I realized that my own happiness doesn’t depend on others but myself.

Finally, I decided to do things I never did before. It’s this website! by sharing how my career journey and how i love about cooking i believe it will improve myself and inspire a lot of people!

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